Palm City man charged with attempted murder in Port St. Lucie

JAN. 3, 2020 | 6:33 P.M. | PORT ST. LUCIE–Police arrested thirty-Seven-year-old David Myers, 37, of Palm City and charged him with three counts of attempted murder and one count of wantonly/maliciously shooting at a boat that would produce death or great bodily harm.

At about 5: 30 p.m., Port St. Lucie Police went to a home on the 600 block of Southeast Norsemen Drive in the Southbend Lakes neighborhood on Jan. 1 after reports were made of a suspected domestic aggravated assault.

The police found a victim on a boat with two other people on the St. Lucie River.

About a mile north of the Port St. Lucie Bridge overpass and Myers also driving his own boat with a friend, approximately 30 feet from the victim’s boat. The victim said Myers was holding a handgun, according to the police report.

Myers fired about five to six rounds in the direction of the victim’s boat.  The victims fled in fear by turning their boat around heading in the opposite direction.  However, Myers managed to speed in front of the victim’s boat and began firing more rounds toward the victims, according to the police.

The victims headed toward the dock, but Myers met up with them at the dock and began yelling, “Put the boat away before I kill you.” The victim told the Myers the police were being called at which point Myers pulled the boat out of the dock and headed south on the St. Lucie River.

No injuries or property damage were reported.  Myers was charged and is currently housed at the St Lucie County Jail.

 Due to Marsy’s Law, no additional information will be released.  Marsy’s Law became Florida Law in November 2019 when voters approved constitutional Amendment 6 by a 62-38 margin. It awards several specific rights to crime victims, including to be protected from the accused and to have their safety and that of their family considered when courts make bail or release decisions.

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